Around the farm

Pruning the Walnut Grove

It is late February at Little Miami Farms and that means it’s time to prune the walnut trees. We have a 3½ acre black walnut grove with over 700 trees that came with the farm when we purchased it years ago. Black walnut trees are dormant in the winter and February is the ideal time to prune so the “wounds” from pruning have a chance to scab-over before the sap begins to run as the trees awake in early spring.…

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Photos from around the farm

Check out the evolution of our hop yard since installation in 2014 as well as our beautiful flowers, pumpkins and produce! 2014 was quite a year at Little Miami Farms. There was a lot of work to do to set up a hop yard – from business plans and training to poles, cable and irrigation installation. We’ve had a blast and learned a lot.

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